Hot Rock Designs specializes in the design and construction of ganbanyoku facilities. We provide everything from single bed standalone solutions to large theme based ganbanyoku rooms.

Standalone Ganbanyoku Bed - design, build and install

You provide the environment, we provide the hot stone beds. Our beds employ a modular, open frame design which allows us to build to your specific requirement.

Each bed is mounted on a sturdy wooden frame and includes: a 500W heating element, a therapeutic stone tile slab and temperature control unit.

Bed size is approximately 210cm x 80cm x 10cm and can be installed at floor level or mounted on a raised wooden base.
The key to ganbanyoku is the stone tile. We offer genuine and therapeutically proven natural minerals including:

Granite, abundant and economical it is rich in silicates and has good all round properties for FIR and negative ion generation.
Tourmaline, carries a slight electric charge that helps loosen trigger points in the body - excellent FIR properties.
Bakuhanseki, or maifan as it is known in China, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It is reputed to be especially effective for the treatment of wounds and skin burns.
Whinstone pebble, polished basalt rocks commonly used in hot stone massage therapy - has well known therapeutic properties with excellent FIR and negative ion generation.
Himalayan rock salt, usually used as a capping layer on a ganbanyoku bed - it is a natural relaxant that helps heal and sooth.

Ganbanyoku Room design and build

Ganbanyoku comes in many “flavours”. The size, number of beds, layout and theme can be custom built to suit your business needs.

Ganbanyoku, by its very nature, is an immersive experience where the aesthetics are almost as important as the functional health benefits it provides. A well designed facility is a work of art that will engage the tactile senses, please the eye and appeal to one’s perception of beauty and nature.

Hot Rock Designs employs authentic, and proven ganbanyoku materials in all our constructions. We work with you through consultation and design to create a solution that is unique to your service and your client's needs.

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